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Tastes Like Burning: A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between. Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Eat Me.

Jun 12, 2008

  • Hello Everyone
  • Food Talk
  • Chocolate Coconut Milk: Straight from the Teat of the Goddess
  • Dog Sitting for Ingrates
  • Fist Bump Gate
  • Entombed Kittens
  • Pico is the New Relish
  • Is that a Tomato in Your Salad or are You Just Deathly Ill
  • Tim's Childhood Memory: First Stitches

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    Shout Outs:  Ken @ The Flatus Show
                       Big C @ Bear Crawling