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Tastes Like Burning: A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between. Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Eat Me.

Aug 23, 2007

Exploding playgrounds, collapsing bridges, category 5 hurricanes, OH MY!; Timmy talks in Olympic-sized circles; James & Tim review Zombie Honeymoon; Leeann reviews Stardust; The movie, Hate Crime, makes us think; Kitty B. and the White Cotton Panties; The radio is repetitive and redundant; Organic milk rocks and doesn't give you man teats; Environmental Estrogens; Leeann & James get pissy; Department of Corrections For Whatever Reason; Bucket o' Estrogen-fish to 2 Guys 1 Brain; Bottered Watle; Stupid co-workers; James & Leeann call a truce over a brewskie; Timmy's insecure about his non-alcoholic ways; Leeann & James decide to drunk podcast . . . RIGHT NOW!; Irish Hell; Juan the Goat; Abusive pricks and the pregosaurs who love them; Diets are hard . . . on the NON-dieters; Leeann's overdue book; iPhones still suck; Domestic surveilance; and barebacking with Catherine the Great.

NOTE: We take back everything we said about AT&T.  We love them. And their affordable DSL service.

Tim of FWR
over sixteen years ago


You are loved. The show was good before you arrived, but really took off once you joined. Honestly... what fun would it be if all we did was listen to James rant? We need you around to argue back!

(nothin\\\' but love, James. I like the rants, too; but L needs help with her podcast self esteem issues right now.) = )

over sixteen years ago

Ok Leeann - You laugh is so freakin hilarious. I can tell you are really enjoying yourself because you laugh is so real.. This is my note to you to say that you are a great part of the show so dont leave!!!! I LOVE THE SHOW!!! There was so real drunkeness going on in this show and sometimes I was getting confused because you were all talking at the same time but thats what happens when u get messed up! I think that the shows should be at least 1 hour long. Im very happy that you have gotten a connection to the rest of the world now. I am focusing on getting my very first laptop so that I may enjoy podcasting to a fuller extent in the privacy of my own home. Ok Im out!! Hurry up with 16------
The every so sultry Mekeekee

(Listen to show 14 on the for whatever reason or as you call it the \\\"what ever\\\" podcast (ha) and I have left a voice message which explains my new addition to my name)