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Jan 22, 2009

  • The Great Laptop Hunt
  • Pool Table For Sale!
  • Excuse Me, Sir? Could You Spare a Treadmill?
  • Inauguration Day: Change Has Come, Finally.
  • Email & Voicemail
  • Movie Review Triple Feature:
    • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom blah blah blah
    • Iron Man
    • Spider Man 3
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cheap computers
twelve and a half years ago

Like IBM\'s previous T4X series models, the T43 is a textbook definition of physical quality. From the first time you touch it, you know it\'s just good. The screen cover for the ThinkPad T42 is constructed of magnesium alloy and prevents any screen flexing. With other laptops you can usually push on the back of the lid and get a worrying ripple effect on the LCD screen, the T43 protective case will prevent such a thing from happening. The ThinkPad\'s insides are housed in a case of titanium-reinforced plastic. The whole thing is held together by a pair of sturdy metal hinges that attach the screen and main body of the laptop. These metal hinges ensure that there is no screen wobble, even when on a turbulent plane ride. The T43 simply looks like it\'s been designed to take a beating (although you should still avoid abusing the notebook when possible).