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Tastes Like Burning: A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between. Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Eat Me.

TLB New Briefs

Aug 23, 2007

Good evening. This is a Tastes Like Burning Special News Bulletin.

As of last night, we have DSL.  Oh, that's right. We now have the ability to upload and download shows and files and whatever the hell else we want from the comfort of our living room--cord and hassle-free!  So YAY for no more crappy dial-up service!

Show 16 and Internet voicemail to follow soon.

Thanks to Tim and Nanette at For Whatever Reason for sending us the CDs of their show and shows we have been missing out on over the past year.  Now that you've caought us up, we can actually keep up.  (Loving your show, BTW!)

We're gonna surf the HELL out of this thing!! Woooo!!

--J of TLB

Tim of FWR
over sixteen years ago

Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to you guys having a K7 line so I can call in and harass you!

And now I shall use my true massive internet power to command BOTH of the listeners of For Whatever Reason to listen to TLB! Behold the power of the internet!!!

Let me know how that works out...