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  • Debbie Downer Show, Sorry
  • Parent Questions Answered
  • Feel Free to Skip
  • 2 Hr Response call with Mom & Dad

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  • Hi Kes!
  • Cake or Bake?
  • Coordination
  • Candle Light
  • GoFundUs = We Thank You
  • Cake Tasting

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  • Daniel Brewer: Continuity Checker
  • Hey Kids, Tastes This
  • Food Stuff
  • Wedding Stuff
  • No One Reads This

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  • Honeymoon talk isnt wedding talk technically
  • Alex asks...
  • New Local Eats
  • Marq and Ed <3
  • Tim's parents do live in the country, and yes, it's spelled that way Big Fatty!

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  • Breaking House News
  • Betta Beware Squared
  • Keep the show out of the Wedding
  • Alex Asks...

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  • Go Cake Me
  • Tim Want's to Bake The Cake
  • California Droughtin
  • Will Marriage Change Us
  • And the rest...

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  • Hi Daniel Brewer!
  • Hi Adam Burns!
  • TLB Poll: Bar or No Bar At Wedding?
  • Best Maids

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SCOTUS lets us marry so we are accepting the call.  We talk about marriage equality.  I know you don't give a damn 'bout that grape shit.  Good thing our colors are Navy Blue and Charcoal and not Blush and Bashful. My parents spit in our faces and we talk about that too.  All of this and some of that on this episode of TLB!


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  • Live Show Thoughts
  • Congrats Christian
  • Cake Show
  • Belated Hello
  • Bathroom Reno
  • Tile Orgy
  • New Computer Setup

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Just a quick hello with a whale of a tale, we will be back this week after our vacation n junk...

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Our First Live Show on Pride48.com  YAY!

  • Sponsored by Bounty Basic
  • Introducing Us
  • Following Toppie
  • Big Fatty's Slot Filling
  • Musing Mark's Question
  • I'll Tumble For Ya
  • Blind Guy Jay's Question
  • Sense8
  • Toilet Trouble
  • Tim's Nightlight collection
  • Tim's Insomnia
  • Pride Weekend
  • Emails and Texts
  • Dork Wiz
  • Inked Blind and Confused Bumper
  • Thank You's

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Hey Kids,


This week its cooking with Timmy!  OH NO, you say...Not another Tim only episode!  Yes, I'm afraid so.  James was painting and i was determined to speak to you guys so I take you on a baking journey with me.  Come along as we cook together...and maybe learn a little something along the way.


Also, I used a levelator for the first time and in my opinion it messed up the audio a bit, and I cant undo it.  My fault, I wont be doing that again. 

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It's a clip show...YAY!

Well not totally, there is some info on our Live Pride48 show on Saturday June 20th at 7pm central time 8pm eastern.

These are some clips from our 2006 season. Don't worry, its not long, I just pulled a couple from each show that year...It was a short season.

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  • Stuff from M.E.
  • CHM: Crystal Ball
  • Stuff!
  • Dare Devil
  • Imitation Game
  • Word Press Site
  • Luther
  • The Office
  • Kimmy Schmidt
  • and the rest...

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  • Poltergeist 2015 review *SPOILERS*
  • Our Hiatus Explained
  • Sick
  • Toppie Smellie Called!

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