A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between.
Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Don't count on it.
  • More Gay Santa
  • Childhood Memory: Ball Bearing
  • Itchy SCOTUS
  • Cat Cube Project
  • Log Holder Project
  • Turing Carnivale

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  • Front Door Project
  • We Met Gay Santa
  • Alan Turing
  • Childhood Memory: Shop Vac Robot
  • Carnies dancing the Cooch
  • Moving Matters

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This is our Xmas show...in that it was recorded on or around Christmas Day...We talked about solstice and it is available in the archives but requests were made to release it via official channels SO here it is... Enjoy!

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  • Winter Vacay
  • New Year
  • Tim's Morning Sickness
  • Amazon Echo Review
  • A Gift for Mom & Dad

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Is this thing on? Well we've out podded our monthly allotment, so here is a direct link to the show we did on Christmas night. Hopefully this works like I think it will.  Until the new year...have a great week.


TLB 165: Mass of X

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  • End of the TV Tale
  • Tim tries to hock a tribble
  • Toppie Smelly Calling!
  • Holiday Hijinx
  • And the rest...


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  • Garage Sale Wrap Up
  • Marraige Rage
  • Oh the Cardtastrophie
  • Aint Nobody Got Time For That

The last half makes it so worth sitting through my Wedding Rage.  You guys are all Fresh Faced, so I know you understand.  I love you...


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Coming to you semi live from our garage sale...It's Tastes Like Shit..err I mean Sugar...So the garage isnt the best place to record, but hey its something...If it werent for this show, we wouldnt have sold our TV!  YAY THINGS!!!

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  • Friendsgiving
  • We met Alex
  • The Perfect Saturday
  • Frond Report
  • Sunday Night Light
  • Respect our Authoritah

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  • Actual Thanksgiving
  • Pre Friendsgiving
  • We Cooked our asses to the bone
  • We Cleaned enough for an army
  • Blackish Friday
  • Rabbit Holes
  • and the rest...

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  • Turkey Talk
  • Twitter Meet Up: Alex
  • Tim's Decade Flashback Memory
  • Brownies get on my Tits
  • Flea Market Flip
  • Voice Mail & Tweets
  • And the rest...

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  • How You Doin'
  • Oh Baby
  • New Job
  • Turkey is Coming

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  • The Seance
  • Food Prep Round
  • Takeout Nightmare
  • Bloody Mary
  • Ending Ceremony

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As the Halloween party starts, we come to the real reason we invited you all here.  The Event!  A game of mystery so intricate, just thinking of how we thought it up could drive you insane. 

  • Fortunes Told
  • Zombie Narrative
  • The Call is coming from inside the house Trivia

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