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Tastes Like Burning: A couple of guys who happen to be a couple. With commentary on life, love, and everything in between. Funny? Sure. Irreverent? Of course. Politically correct? Eat Me.

Aug 8, 2007

We're too lazy to podcast; Leeann gets a mammogram; Leeann on Weight Watchers; Leeann's dental fun; Shout-outs; Hairspray & John Waters; Sugar daddies and the gold diggers who date them; Ball-ripping fun; Peeny piercing; Getting schooled in a graveyard, India-style; James gives away the ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Collapsing bridges make us sad and ponder the safety of our own bridges; Choppers falling from the sky; Chinese imports will kill you and your children and your pets; James reviews Transformers; Bastian spooking the hell out of us; and Leeann's bitch, Piper, sees dead people.

twelve and a half years ago

Mekeekee is right, those 2 guys ARE pretty good! Just kidding around, Tim is a friend of our show and I enjoy your show as well! Just checking in since I heard you mentioned on the For Whatever Reason Podcast today. I would love to offer assistance on the whole not being able to download thing but I have no Tech skills at all. Hope you get it worked out! Bucket o\' fish!

Tim from FWR
twelve and a half years ago

You guys definitely need a k7 line. The only catch is that you have to make sure you get at least one call a month or you lose your number. I\\\'d recommend that you put your phone number and your email address on the main page of the website. It takes a little work to figure out how to contact you if you\\\'re not listening to the show. A lot of people will give up rather than contact you if it\\\'s not DEAD simple.

Randy right, by the way. He has no technical skills whatsoever. = )

Paul aka Leeann\'s friend
twelve and a half years ago

You guys posted this ep on my birthday. Wooohooo. Just like the very first podcast was posted birthday...rockage^^

twelve and a half years ago

I was very excited that I was mentioned numerious time during show #14. It was so \\\"Groovy\\\"! The second time you pronounced my nickname is correct. I would give you my real name but you probably would really butcher it. By the way I am female. I put a pin in the frapper map. It was good to see the 2guys 1 brain podcast had put in a frapper pin too. That is one of my favorite podcasts. I know you dont have access yet but when you do you should check them out. They are really interesting. I don\\\'t have a podcast. Im just strictly a listener. I like to listen while Im at work to pass the day. You all are so funny. Cant wait to hear another show. Oh it would be really cool if people could call in and leave a message for you to play on the show. I heard about it on another show that I listen to that you may also be interested in and that the Flatus show. Anyways he uses something called Supposed to be a free service and the caller only has to pay toll price (unless they have free long distance plan) and the message goes directly to your email account. Thought you might be interested. Ok well I gotta get back to work.

James of TLB
twelve and a half years ago

Well, I\'m glad I only butchered your name on the first pronunciation. :) Tim actually is a fan of 2 guys 1 brain (I haven\'t gotten to listen to their show much, but they seem cool), but again, since we lost the ability to download, he hasn\'t gotten to listen to them in about a year now.

We will definitely look into the voicemail site. Thanks for the tip!

Don\'t work too hard. ;)